I'll Develop Your Web Applications' Backend

You want to build your dream project from scratch, update your already existing Web Service or add new services to it. I'll build what's needed to make you reach your goals in the short term, having on mind the long term.

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I'll Develop Your Website Or Web Applications' Frontend

You want a website like a blog, listings site or a newspaper, to give a few examples. Or you want a Frontend application to connect and consume your backend. You're in the right place.

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my web stack

  • backend

    Most likely, your mobile and/or web application may need a backend that handles data, authenticates users, and many more.

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  • frontend

    Your web app, landing page or MVP needs a frontend your users can interact with. I can build it on React.js or Vue.js. Or I can create a dynamic website with WordPress.

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  • devops

    I'll create scalable apps using Docker, Docker Compose, and Kubernetes. I use Git on Github, Gitlab or Bitbucket to manage your app's versions.

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